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iOS & Android App Web-App / Domain Places Formgenerator

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Event-System / Drop-In Reservation & Booking System Real-time Chat E-Commerce / Shop

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CSV / XML Import Tool EULA Generator Tags & Filters Howler Audio Player N-Tree Integration Levitating Shopping Cart Gioco di mini golf WinOrder Integration


DeepL Mailchimp Whitelabel E-Mail Payrexx


Facebook OAuth Rating System Multilingual App Zappter CRM - My Customers Request System Push-Notifications


Voucher System Contact Form Loyalty Points App-Banner

Plugins & Features

Extend your app with great features from the Marketplace. Just install, configure and get started. Visit the documentations to learn how to use the plugin and what you need to keep in mind.

Esplora il Mercato Zappter
Use these plugins to showcase your products & services and move the customers through an outstanding buyer’s journey.
Zappter e-commerce plugins make it super easy to build, enhance, and extend your store in no time. Plugin updates and innovative additions ensure you stay ahead.
The bookings plugins transform your app into a booking engine in seconds, handle complicated booking needs to improve operational efficiency and customer experiences.
Pubblica la tua App
Crea la tua app, web app o versione desktop.
Semplificati la vita con i codici QR o i moduli nella tua azienda.
iOS & Android App
Publishing your app on Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store now using this single plugin, and no longer an uphill battle. The plugin lists 14 categorized information areas that each collects Apple-specific, Google-specific, or common data to target a perfect submission for a hassle-free approval by the major app stores.
29.90 USD / Mensile
Web-App / Domain
Set your own domain for your web-app. For example: In addition you get a free SSL so that your web app is completely encrypted (https).
9.90 USD / Mensile
With this plugin, you can generate QR Codes and place them anywhere. Your app users can scan this QR Code, place an order and you know exactly where they are. A great feature that you can use in many situations, for example in a restaraunt on the table, on a pool seat in your hotel and many more.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Collect customer data and draw new insights out of it to benefit both the business and the customer experience. Use this plugin to design entire forms that performs the task for you.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Questa settimana in vendita
Disponibile solo per un breve periodo
Event-System / Drop-In
Event tickets to sell? Are you offering courses? Add this plugin to sell them through your app. A full plugin to handle and selling tickets, classes, courses or anything similar.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Reservation & Booking System
Le prenotazioni online diventano facili! Attiva questo plugin e permetti agli utenti della tua app di effettuare prenotazioni. Tutti i settori possono utilizzarlo per la sua facilità di gestione delle risorse e di controllo della disponibilità. Un fantastico calendario personalizzabile ti aspetta per gestire le tue prenotazioni in modo efficiente.
14.90 USD / Mensile
Real-time Chat
Chat in any language! No more language barriers with your potential customers. Start using now the whole new sales and marketing channel.
9.90 USD / Mensile
E-Commerce / Shop
Create all your products & services with few clicks. Add the description, price, picture, and other details and boom, your customers can start placing the orders from your app. It makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand. Mobile apps convert 3x higher than a website. Don't miss out on the ability to maximize your revenue.
14.90 USD / Mensile
Aggiunti di recente
Le ultime funzionalità, direttamente dal team di sviluppo per te. Guardale ora e attiva i plugin che ti piacciono con pochi click.
CSV / XML Import Tool
Import items for your e-commerce app from any CSV or XML file.
EULA Generator
Easily create your end-user license agreement.
Tags & Filters
Enables users to filter any type of content easily!
Howler Audio Player
With Howler Audio Library you can reliably play audio files and streams on all platforms.
Sfoglia le funzionalità attualmente più popolari nel Marketplace. Aggiornato settimanalmente. In base alle vendite e ai download.
Translate your content now with DeepL. The most popular translation service nowadays.
This plugin integrates your app with Mailchimp so that you can manage your app user engagement with email newsletters, special offers, auto-responding, or other email marketing activities and get an engagement insight in Mailchimp.
Whitelabel E-Mail
Rebrand Zappter’s default footer with your brand and customize the content that best speaks about your business.
Integrate with Payrexx, the world's most straightforward payment platform.
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The power of Zappter goes way beyond customer-facing. Streamline and simplify your internal operations with Back-office plugins.
Dynamic and static plugins that help you design your app UI with drag & drop.
Extend your app with awesome ideas that instantly inspire, turned into fully-formed solutions.
Le nostre raccomandazioni e le caratteristiche selezionate per questa settimana.
Facebook OAuth
Connect your app with Facebook Auth, let your users sign in in your app with their existing account.
Rating System
This plugin enables you to add ratings and comments on your app platform. Customize the rating behaviour and let your users rate services, orders or anything else.
Multilingual App
Let your app talk in the language your customers speak. Add any language, translate your entire app with just a single click.
Zappter CRM - My Customers
Maintain customer profiles, segment them, improve communication, remarket your offers, scale up your analytical data and reporting, and retain customers to earn loyalty.
Quali plugin sono attualmente di tendenza? Una panoramica delle funzionalità più popolari in base all'interesse e all'attività della comunità.
Voucher System
Create vouchers with different options and share it with Voucher-Codes or QR-Codes. Get more app users with easy marketing strategies.
Contact Form
Extend your app with contact forms and buttons and let your potential clients reach out to you.
Loyalty Points
Let your customers collect loyalty points and spend them on your items.
Use Smart App Banners to promote your app among your web app users to download your app.
Utenti avanzati
Altri plugin e caratteristiche per gli utenti avanzati
Plugins for developers who integrate with third-party systems, build for Zappter or improve development workflows.
Easily connect with payment gateways you already have. Or simply create a new account at one of the payment services providers and start accepting customer payment with this seamless integration.
Connect your existing webshop with your app just by providing a few informations and off you go!