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New: Event-System / Drop-In


Event tickets to sell? Are you offering courses? Add this plugin to sell them through your app. A full plugin to handle and selling tickets, classes, courses or anything similar.

New: Surcharges


Use this plugin to add, structure, and manage your surcharge and prices. Useful for shipping prices, service charges or similar.

New: Rating System


This plugin enables you to add ratings and comments on your app platform. Customize the rating behaviour and let your users rate services, orders or anything else.

New: DeepL


Translate your content now with DeepL. The most popular translation service nowadays.

New: ZIP-Code Limitation


Control your selling, delivery, or shipping within areas using ZIP Codes and Postal Codes. Set it wholly or at an item-level.

New: QR-Code Scanner


Display a QR-Code section in your app's bottom bar. Easily let your users scan any kind of QR-Codes.

New: SMS-Authentication


This plugin simplifies your app users logins by using their phone numbers instead of remembering usernames, emails and passwords, or sharing their social logins. Works with Twillio to verify phone numbers.

New: Mailchimp


This plugin integrates your app with Mailchimp so that you can manage your app user engagement with email newsletters, special offers, auto-responding, or other email marketing activities and get an engagement insight in Mailchimp.

New: Covid Tracing Plugin


Provided free of charge; Covid Tracing Plugin now available. Just install, configure and go. Easy self-check-in of your guests or scan the QR code of your guests with the Covid Tracing Scanner Station.

New: Whitelabel E-Mail


Rebrand Zappter’s default footer with your brand and customize the content that best speaks about your business.

New: Tawk Chat


Integrate Chat with your app for Live Chat and stay connected with customers. With this quick integration, you gain every valuable thing Chat has to offer, including the dashboard with engagement management, insight, and team management.

New: Hubspot Chat


With the LiveChat - HubSpot integration, you're ready to indulge some of the best things the product has to offer. Integrate in seconds, and start using Hubspot dashboard to control Live Chats, ticketing, schedulings, and other things the product has to offer.

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