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New: Lottie JS


Now, you can also tell your story with Lottie, the future of animation to impress even more. Whether it’s a custom-designed animation or something that you picked off the shelf, this plugin will show it on your app with just a couple of easy steps with your preferred behavior.

New: Inline Video


Use this plugin to add an inline video to the content. Inline videos are seamlessly integrated into your app, play automatically when user scrolls to it and much more. Just like in social media apps, this plugin allows to display videos in a beautiful way.

New: Reservation & Booking System


Online reservations made easy! Activate this plugin and allow your app users to make reservations and bookings. All industries can use it for its ease of handling resources and availability checking. A fantastic customizable calendar awaits you to manage your bookings playfully.

New: Twint by Payrexx


Now you can integrate with Payrexx TWINT in seconds. Set it up, use it to offer your users with a convenient payment process for online shops, app shops to move with a smartphone or table.

New: CRM - Custom Fields Extension


When your CRM needs additional custom fields, this plugin helps you create them out of large types of fields, including regular text to map, address, location, and signature, etc.

New: Tip & Gratuity


Tipping is a culture; when you can streamline with set controls, it enhances your organization’s culture. This plugin does just that; manage how you want to handle Tips.

New: PayPal


Now you can integrate with Paypal. Set it up with simple steps, let your buyers enjoy the comfiest & the most popular payment option.

New: Sendgrid


Integrate your SendGrid email account with an easy couple of steps so that your emails go from your domain, rather than from Zappter.

New: CRM - File Extension


Attach documents, identity docs, marketing collaterals, sales quotes, orders, invoices, or anything that your organization standardizes to customer profiles with descriptive titles.

New: CRM - Tags Extension


Use Tags to see your huge customer database through a smaller lens. It assists in important insights, business strategies, and personalizing your services. Tag your users and use these tags to send push-notifications, create vouchers and many more.

New: CRM - Notes Extension


Notes help your team know their customers better, deliver a rich and cohesive customer experience. Add as many Notes as your organizational standards demand.

New: CRM - Email Extension


Use CRM email extension to speed up, untangle your email outreach process, and keep track of all conversations in one place with respective customer profiles.

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