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Plugins & Features

Extend your app with great features from the Marketplace. Just install, configure and get started. Visit the documentations to learn how to use the plugin and what you need to keep in mind.

Loyalty Points
Let your customers collect loyalty points and spend them on your items.
Hubspot Chat
Con l'integrazione LiveChat - HubSpot, sei pronto a concederti alcuni degli altri vantaggi che il prodotto ha da offrire. Integra in pochi secondi, e inizia a usare la dashboard di Hubspot per controllare le LiveChat, il ticketing, la programmazione e altre cose che il prodotto ha da offrire.
SMTP Mailer
Change the sender email address to your own domain with SMTP Mailer. Easily configure your SMTP Credentials and start sending from your own domain now.
Tawk Chat
Integrate Chat with your app for Live Chat and stay connected with customers. With this quick integration, you gain every valuable thing Chat has to offer, including the dashboard with engagement management, insight, and team management.
Tip & Gratuity
Tipping is a culture; when you can streamline with set controls, it enhances your organization’s culture. This plugin does just that; manage how you want to handle Tips.
CRM - Notes Extension
Notes help your team know their customers better, deliver a rich and cohesive customer experience. Add as many Notes as your organizational standards demand.
Collect customer data and draw new insights out of it to benefit both the business and the customer experience. Use this plugin to design entire forms that performs the task for you.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Promotions & Discounts
Set your best marketing strategies and push your products to to potential buyers, by scheduling promotions and discounts.
Lottie JS
Now, you can also tell your story with Lottie, the future of animation to impress even more. Whether it’s a custom-designed animation or something that you picked off the shelf, this plugin will show it on your app with just a couple of easy steps with your preferred behavior.
VK OAuth
Connect your app with VK Auth, let your users sign in in your app with their existing account.
Microsoft Azure OAuth
Connect your app with Microsoft Azure Auth, let your users sign in in your app with their existing account.
Contact Form
Extend your app with contact forms and buttons and let your potential clients reach out to you.
This plugin simplifies your app users logins by using their phone numbers instead of remembering usernames, emails and passwords, or sharing their social logins. Works with Twillio to verify phone numbers.
Translate your content now with DeepL. The most popular translation service nowadays.
Article Groups
‘Little bit of everything but pay by weight’ if you’re trying to add this concept, this plugin is for you. Let diners pile their platter with favorite items and still pay for the weight. This plugin helps setup participating articles, pricing, quantities, measures & consumption rules.
Event-System / Drop-In
Event tickets to sell? Are you offering courses? Add this plugin to sell them through your app. A full plugin to handle and selling tickets, classes, courses or anything similar.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Covid Tracing Plugin
Provided free of charge; Covid Tracing Plugin now available. Just install, configure and go. Easy self-check-in of your guests or scan the QR code of your guests with the Covid Tracing Scanner Station.
CRM - Tags Extension
Use Tags to see your huge customer database through a smaller lens. It assists in important insights, business strategies, and personalizing your services. Tag your users and use these tags to send push-notifications, create vouchers and many more.
Multiple Admin Users
Create as many users as you want to give them admin access to your app yet with a control, who has access to what task.
4.90 USD / Mensile
Facebook OAuth
Connect your app with Facebook Auth, let your users sign in in your app with their existing account.
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