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Plugins & Features

Extend your app with great features from the Marketplace. Just install, configure and get started. Visit the documentations to learn how to use the plugin and what you need to keep in mind.

Stores 10 Licences
Add 10 Licences to your Stores-System.
99.90 USD / Mensile
Date Slider
Manage date based sliders in your app with this easy to use plugin.
4.90 USD / Mensile
Non-Tax Attachments
Use this plugin to pin tax-free attachments to your products. Ideal for pledges or similar.
Disable upper distance
This plugin disables the upper safe distance between your content and the top of the phone.
Levitating Shopping Cart
Want to have a levitating order button like in Uber Eats? Then just install this plugin!
Service Stations
Allows service employees to pickup and deliver items.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Tags & Filters
Enables users to filter any type of content easily!
ePUB: E-Book Reader
Enables your users to read e-books within the app.
Scavenger Hunt
Launch your scavenger hunt game with QR-Codes and a lot of fun!
4.90 USD / Mensile
Picture collection game
An experimental game allows your users to collect and store images.
4.90 USD / Mensile
Internal Inventory Tool
An internal inventory tool allows to register bar-codes and QR-Codes and manage stock for internal usage.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Gioco di mini golf
Con questo grande gioco puoi facilmente far contare i punti ai tuoi clienti.
9.90 USD / Mensile
N-Tree Integration
This plugin communicates with your N-Tree POS system.
WinOrder Integration
A smooth integration into WinOrder.
Howler Audio Player
With Howler Audio Library you can reliably play audio files and streams on all platforms.
CSV / XML Import Tool
Import items for your e-commerce app from any CSV or XML file.
Gastro Article List
This plugin creates an overview of articles, prices, ingredients and modifiers.
Un forum interattivo permette agli utenti di comunicare insieme.
9.90 USD / Mensile
Integrazione di Bexio
Collegate il vostro Bexio con Zappter e sincronizzate facilmente i contatti, create fatture e altro ancora.
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