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Create all your products & services with few clicks. Add the description, price, picture, and other details and boom, your customers can start placing the orders from your app. It makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand. Mobile apps convert 3x higher than a website. Don't miss out on the ability to maximize your revenue.

Sleek, modern, clutter-free interface enhances buyer experience.

Easy, and quick

It takes seconds to create your selling items. Add a title, description, price, picture, and you’re done.


Control which order station & the order taker receive the orders. For customers, you can even set timed restrictions for placing the orders.


Charging customers for the right processing fees can be complicated. Post a flat surcharge per order on Articles or set at the Category level. You can also set up rule-based surcharges that inflate and deflate on order values.

Customer ratings

Utilize the power of social proof. On each selling item, you allow or disallow customer ratings. Then you can also allow or disallow the display of those ratings.


Collect data for deeper multidimensional insights into performance and trends. Drill down by click-through, products, orders, and app user categories for time-based analysis, including real-time data.


Use other plugins to add more features you want to use. Categorize your listing, cross-sell, upsell, use ingredients, use modifiers, and much more.
Tip & Gratuity
Tipping is a culture; when you can streamline with set controls, it enhances your organization’s culture. This plugin does just that; manage how you want to handle Tips.
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When you have your products & services ready to sell. There's always next step; getting them in front of the right customers. Set your best marketing strategies and push them to potential buyers. Enjoy selling more.
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