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Make a user-friendly catalog out of your app by listing related items into categories. Then you can also add sub-categories inside a category. And, you can add sub-categories inside a sub-category too. Go on endlessly till satisfied.

Do not complicate your customers with too many choices in one place. Keep your products and services well-organized by creating a clear hierarchy of categories and subcategories for them to find what they look for, easily.

Taxonomy matters

Represent your products like a tree, create categories, add subcategories nesting inside. You can also create more levels of subcategories inside a parent subcategory.

Inheritance & override

Inherits Surcharges, Stations, and any tax definitions from the Offer or a parent category, that you can override. The overridden settings propagate to all contents inside this category, or subcategory.

POS features

When your organization uses Zappter for POS systems, this plugin unfolds features that enhance restaurant operations
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