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Let your users mark items and elements as favorites so they can be accessed quickly and easily.

 'Favorite' is personal

Allowing users to have their favorite list has become a de fact standard in eCommerce business. Honoring your customer preference shows how much you care about personalized service.
Favorites1.jpg 144.99 KB

Take personalization to next levels

With Zappter, you can allow your customers to favorite more than just selling items, such as the articles, booking items, customer requests, live streams, entire categories, links, or pictures. 

Let them buy when they can

When your products are in a potential customer's favorites and even if she is not ready to buy right away, you ensure your brand is at the top of her 'come back list.'  
Favorites2.jpg 69.05 KB
Favorites3.jpg 145.05 KB

Manage 'favorites' efficiently

Allow what your customers can favorite such as articles they can but not videos, etc. Customize favorite icons and colors. And, you can also exclude items not available for favoriting.
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