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Allow your customers to add variations to products and services that you sell. Give customers options that they can add to the base products to customize their orders & bookings as they prefer.

Modifiers allow your customers to customize their orders by providing additional options. Mayo and tomatoes on a sandwich, the blue color for a shirt, extra 15 mins on a Swedish massage, or anything that adds extra value to the base product. And price it accordingly.

Modifier groups

Group your related modifiers, so it shows the users available choices to customize, and at the same time, makes it easy to manage it on your side.


Usually priced, but you still have an option not to.

Neat & tidy product list

It helps keep your base products list shorter when you maintain possible combinations as Modifiers. And, this also helps to track your stocks better.

Use it for upgrades

Leverage Modifiers to strategize on your product & service upgrades.

Appointment bookings

Not only the products, but you can also add minutes to an appointment as Modifiers.

Assign stations

Select which stations the Modifiers should be managed by, in addition to assigning stations for the complete product. Say, an order can be sent to Sandwich Station while a Grill Station also receives its Modifier.
Ingredients are ideal for restaurants or shops. Set ingredients for your items and allow your users to choose accordingly.
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