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Use this plugin to add, structure, and manage your surcharge and prices. Useful for shipping prices, service charges or similar.

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Value-added services

Use this plugin to add, structure, and manage your surcharge and additional costs per order. Useful for shipping prices, service charges or similar.
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Easy to manage

You can define a surcharge per order. The surcharge will be applied to the complete basket and not for each article.
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Need something special?

 Use surcharge rules to create different amount of surchages which apply when condition meets. With surcharge rules you define special situations, where the surcharge amount gets bigger or smaller based on the basket amount. 

Your App. Your Rules.

Use it for whatever you need it and name it as you want. For example: "Room Service Charge", "Service Charge", "Delivery Costs", "Shipment Costs". Do you need surcharges? Then install this plugin and start within seconds!
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