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wallee allows all sizes of businesses to sell and scale globally. Start growing your business today with effortless payments.

Provided by Zappter Completely free
Uninstall anytime

109 Downloads Developed by Zappter
Detailed tutorial available
Adaptable to your needs

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Pay online, with a wallet, or in-store

We have several payment methods in Zappter to benefit your end-to-end cashless solutions. And, Wallee is one of them.

Simple integration

Simple and straightforward integration with Wallee using a couple of easy steps.

More pay options, less cart abandonments

Cart abandonment is a common problem eCommerce vendors face today. By giving an additional option, your reduce that issue. And, take full advantage of Wallee's innovative payment options.

Adapt to contactless payment options

You win more customers, recognition, and be ready to face today's challenges using contactless payment options.