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With this plugin, you can generate QR Codes, or write NFC-Chips and place them anywhere. And, let your Views & Offers respond whenever your customers scan the QR codes. A great feature that you can use in many situations.

• Generate QR-Codes
• QR-Code Printer (customize the printed cards)
• Write NFC-Chips

Creativity is the limit

Link your Views with QR codes, and let the fun begin. For example, you can create QR codes "Table 1" to "Table 10", print them out and place them on your tables in your restaurant. When a customer scans and orders the QR Code table 1, you know exactly where to bring the food.


Send personalized emails with the QR codes to market your products. Or, print QR codes and use them On posters, brochures, and flyers, or any marketing materials.
Ingenious QR-Codes
When you have to share a file or a document, you don't have to guess your clients' preferred languages, or let them look for translators either; the Ingenious QR Codes delivers your files and documents in their device languages.
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