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With this plugin, you can generate QR Codes and place them anywhere. Your app users can scan this QR Code, place an order and you know exactly where they are. A great feature that you can use in many situations, for example in a restaraunt on the table, on a pool seat in your hotel and many more.

The Plugin

This plugin enables you to provide your users with a QR code and offer them exclusive app content when scanning the code.  It directly takes the users to a view that may have detailed information, exclusive articles and reservation bookings, restaurant menus, image galleries,  or proximity-based services such as business lounges, beach parties, or similar.
You can also manage QR codes as described in the 'Features' section below.
For marketing purposes, it helps you to create 'events' with URL links that open a particular content. And, run email campaigns to send these links to targeted users. This is an ideal tool to create a buzz among potential customers when introducing an offer, launching products, or holding events, concerts, etc 
Setting up places with QR Codes is simple:

  • Create places
  • Assign your unique content (views) to the places
  • Generate QR Codes for places
  • Set up places rule, and use them as you want

Additionally, you can create events with this plugin and manage email campaigns:

  • Create events
  • Get direct links and QR Codes to the content
  • Start your email campaign from within Zappter
With this plugin, you can generate QR codes and place them anywhere. And, let your view respond whenever your customers scan the QR codes. A great feature that you can use in many situations.


  • Create unique contents, assign them to a 'Place' and make it available to users when scanning QR codes
  • Ideal for proximity-based setups
  • Generate a set number of QR codes for a place (content)
  • Expire/renew/print/multi-print/download QR codes collectively or individually
  • Customize printing setup, including label printing, and save it as different templates
  • Create events and manage email campaigns from within Zappter

Install the Plugin

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for 'places' or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can subscribe to the plugin and confirm the payment. That's it! You now have the Places plugin up and running.