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Setting Up Rating

Setting defaults

Ratings plugin has these default settings. Once the defaults are set up, you can enable rating on your selling items for users/consumers to rate them.
1. Admin > Settings > Rating.  The 'General' tab opens, and enable the rating.
image.png 251.02 KB
  • The default values for 'Rating Message' and 'Max value to rate' are fine unless you want to change them 
2. In the 'Appearance' tab keep the defaults or change them. 
image.png 314.41 KB
3. In the 'Rating Timer' tab, set a value which is the number of minutes the customer would receive the push for rating since the order is completed.
image.png 205.93 KB
4. In the 'Comments' tab, enable the option and enter any number of predefined comments that your customers can choose along to express their opinion.
The defaults are:
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Needs Improvement
image.png 254.02 KB
5. Save the changes.

Rating on selling items

Once the rating setup is complete, your users will be able to rate and comment on your articles, bookings, and requests. However, you can change this selectively on any one of those.
Once 'rating' is set up and enabled, any new articles, bookings, or requests it is enabled. However, for existing articles, bookings, or requests, you need to edit and check as shown in this section.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. 
image.png 532.54 KB
2. Select to edit your article, booking, or request. Click on the '+ More options' button.
image.png 484.82 KB
3. Move onto the 'Rating' tab.
image.png 488.58 KB
  • Collect rating: Enable rating for particular article, booking, or request
  • Show ratings: Enable/disable showing the current rating for a particular article, booking, or request 
 Depending on the plugins you have subscribed to or installed, you might see more methods. 
Rating System