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Integrating PayPal

Integrating PayPal

This straightforward PayPal integration requires that you obtain the Client ID and the Secret Key from PayPal and using them in Zappter integration plugin. Zappter support demo integration also and when testing, use the Sandbox API credentials.
Getting PayPal Client ID & Secret Key: 
1. Log in to and click on 'Dashboard' option under your profile menu.
2. Select Sandbox or Live (Sandbox is used for test transactions). Below sample screen shows Sandbox.
image.png 133.29 KB
You can toggle selection between Sandbox and Live. Zappter has an option for testing; use sandbox Client ID and Secret Key when testing. 
3. Click on your app in the list above. Or create a new app from here using the 'Create App' option.
4. Once you're inside a chosen app, you can see the Client ID and the Secret Key (click on the 'Show' button) of the app that you want to integrate in Zappter.
image.png 122.03 KB
5. Copy the Client ID & the Secret Key.
Note: The above steps from the external resource can be changed any time without prior notice.
Enter PayPal live Client ID & Secret into Zappter:
1. Admin > Settings > PayPal. Under 'General' tab, enter your live PayPal Client IDSecret Key.
2. Save changes, you have integrated with PayPal.
Enable 'testmode' and enter  PayPal sandbox info into Zappter for testing:
1. Admin > Settings > PayPal.  Select the Testmode tab.
2. Enable Testmode, and enter PayPal Sandbox account's Client ID & Secret Key.  Then save to complete.
This is an optional setup for testing your PayPal integration.