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Tracking Inventory

Stock management

You can track your simple inventory set up for article using this option. Track the articles, their quantity, whether they have 'shortcuts' assigned, and more importantly, the current stock available for you to sell.
1. Admin > Stock Management > Manage. 
image.png 255.01 KB
  • ID: It is an auto-generated internal ID
  • Article: The articles where inventory has been set
  • Offer: The view where the article resides for tracking purposes
  • Category: The category where the article is placed for tracking purposes
  • Shortcut: Whether this article has its 'shortcuts.' The Shortcuts in Zappter are a way to make links to original article from different views and categories without recreating the same article. With this option, there is a possibility an article can be sold from different areas of an app and that makes this option crucial to track in this context. For more information on Zappter Shortcuts, check out this
  • Limit quantity: View change the quantity of this article
  • Stock: Currently available quantity to sell
2. Click on the 'Edit' button to change the available quantity of articles.
image.png 461.38 KB
3. Save the changes
Simple Inventory