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Button Colors

Setting globally button colors

Customizing app buttons

Zappter, in its standard UI, has predefined the button colors in a meaningful way and maintains consistency throughout the app, for instance, red for all alerts, yellow for rating related, and etc.  Here is how to change them to suit your branding needs throughout your app without the need to adjust buttons on every page. 
1. Admin > Design > Buttons.
1.jpg 255.39 KB
2. On the left tabs, pick a color to change. So, all the buttons, currently in your picked color will be changed to the new color. For example, if you want to change all your yellow buttons that represent customer rating to pink, you would pick the yellow tab, and change the color to pink.
3. Change the color of the button and its caption using Zappter’s color picker tool that comes up when you click on the tiny little down arrow. Below, the 'Green' buttons are being changed.
2.jpg 277.96 KB
4. Save changes or use the ‘Restore’ option to reset to the default color.
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Last updated at 11.07.2022 13:28