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Managing QR-Codes

Managing QR codes

This section helps you change QR codes that you have already created and/or download the QR codes and URL links.
Admin > Ingenious QR-Codes > Manage QR-Codes. Here, you can manage all your ingenious QR-codes.
  • Edit: To change settings, or adding a new language, or deleting an existing
  • QR-Codes: Download your QR codes in the default size or resized
  • Link: To get a sharable link

Editing QR codes

1. Click on the 'Edit' button to change these settings:
  • Redirect to device language: Enable or disable auto-redirecting to the device's language
  • Default Language: Change default language. Note that the files attached to default language served when the app doesn't find a users device language-specific files
  • Reupload language-specific files: Changing files already attached when creating initially
2. Save changes when editing is complete.

Downloading QR codes

1. Click on the 'QR Code' to download the QR code.
image.png 282.13 KB
2. Set the square size of the QR code.
image.png 290.62 KB
3. Download your QR code.

Getting sharable links

1. Click on the 'Link' button to get your URL.
2. Highlight and copy or simply click on the 'Copy' button to copy your link to use it wherever you would want to use.
image.png 272.02 KB
Ingenious QR-Codes