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Setting Shipment Rules

Shipment rules

Shipment rules allow you to add shipment charges at customer checkouts dynamically based on a) total cart value b) total cart weight. Shipment rules also override default shipping prices and any user selectable shipment charges discussed in the earlier section. Follow below steps to create your shipment rules.
1. Admin > Settings > Shipment. Select the 'Rules' button.
image.png 281.88 KB
2. Click on the '+ New' button to create a rule group first and set the shipment price. You create a group so that you can define the conditions for total currency value of the cart, or based on the total weight of the cart. And, you can also have both conditions in a group. For instance when the total cart is $50 or the weight of the cart is 5 kg, apply the price set in the group. 
image.png 152.42 KB
3. Enter a name, short description that users see while checking out, and the price as explained in the above step.
image.png 372.82 KB
  • Title: Name of the rule group
  • Visible description: Short description that appears for users when they check out
  • Price: It is the price a user gets charged if their order meets the rule conditions
You can create more rule groups, each with unique pricing needs. For example, if the total cart value is between 1$ to 100$ to address one group, and if the cart value is more than 100$ to address different price with another group. 
4. The new rule group is created. You need to set the conditions (or the rules) for this group. Click on the group to set its behavior.
image.png 168.13 KB
5. Click on the 'New Rule +' button. The 'Edit' is to change the rule group that you created in the earlier steps.
image.png 312.01 KB
6. Set the rule with its conditions here.
image.png 405.41 KB
  • Type: It's where you set if they rule should be based on total cart price or the weight of the cart
  • Dependency: Here you set if the rule should be applied on more or less than the value you're going to define below
  • Value: It is the base factor or the value, based on what your condition will be applied (become true or false)
7. Create to complete adding the rule to the group. 
You can click again on the same rule group to add another condition that checks for total weight. For example, if you want to check if the total value of the cart is 50$ or total weight of the cart is 5 KG to apply 4$ shipping charge (4$ is the price you set in the rule group when you created it)
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