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Shipping rules

With shipping rules, your shipping costs can be set dynamically based on your requirements.

Shipment rules allow you to add shipment charges at customer checkouts dynamically based on total cart value, total cart weight or country. Shipment rules also override default shipping prices and any user selectable shipment charges discussed in the earlier section. Follow below steps to create your shipment rules.

1. Open "Admin > Settings > Shipment" and click the "Rules" button on top

image.png 421.75 KB

2. Click on "New" to add a new rule-group

image.png 327.04 KB

3. Enter a name, visible description and the final shipping price to apply, when the rule matches. Press on "Create" to create this rule group.

image.png 4.45 MB

4. Click on the new created rule group on "Edit" to set your rules

image.png 346.6 KB

5. Click on "New Rule" and select which rule type you want to add. You can add multiple rules. All rules must match so the new shipping price will be applied.

Example: We want to set a shipment price of 5.50 CHF, when shipping to Switzerland and the total basket value is greater than 20.00 CHF.

First we add the rule "Total order price" where we define, that the total basket value must be greater than 20.00 CHF:

image.png 4.29 MB

Second we add an additional rule where the country must match Switzerland:

image.png 4.29 MB

Once completed our rule group looks like this:

image.png 4.9 MB

Let's go ahead and create another rule group, where we want to set the shipping price to free, when the basket value is greater than 50.00 CHF and the country is Switzerland. To do this, we repeat the steps above:

- Create a new rule-group with price 0
- Create a rule with "Total basket value" greater than 50
- Create a new rule with "Country for shipment" equal Switzerland

image.png 398.46 KB
Shipment costs
Last updated at 02.11.2022 21:35