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Managing QR Codes

QR codes for places

The below steps show you how to create QR codes for places. For instance, you might have created a place called, 'Swimming pool' to server the customers at the pool. These customers can access your services at the swimming pool on their smartphones by scanning the QR codes placed somewhere around the pool. 
1. Admin > Places > Places.  All places are shown. Click on the place that you want to create QR codes for.
2. You're inside the place's QR code management. Click on the '+ New' button.
3. Provide QR code specific values.
  • Name: Enter the name for the QR code set
  • Start/Unit: Specify how many QR codes to be generated
  • Expire Date: Set an expiry date or tick 'Never' to make it indefinite
4. Create it. Fifteen QR codes are created.

Managing QR codes

Tag any of the QR codes by clicking on the tiny checkboxes, and other buttons will get activated.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected QR code
  • Renew: Reactivates the selected QR code
  • Print:  Brings up QR code printing, where you have various settings to label print the QR codes, set printing preferences, and save them as a template for later usage
When you have the printing setup, you may save the settings to a template for later usage.
  • Download: To download the QR code
  • Settings: Change the setting for the place such as reassign to different views, or deleting the place