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Integrating Stripe

Integrating Stripe

Integrating with Stripe is hassle-free and simple. The process has two sets of tasks, 1) Get API Key and Secret Key from Stripe dashboard and apply them in Zappter admin to complete integration.
Getting API and Secret from Stripe:
1. Log in to Stripe dashboard.
2. Under developer's section, go to API.
image.png 151.22 KB
Use the switch 'View test data' to toggle between live and demo keys. Use test keys in Zappter when trying with 'Test mode.'
3. Note down the 'Publishable key' and Secret key.
Refer to the external URL, for more information on obtaining your API Key and the Secret key.

Note: External sources may change the content without prior notice. 
Applying API and Secret in Zappter admin:
1. Admin > Settings > Stripe. In the 'General' tab. Enter the API-Key and the Secret-Key for the live account.
image.png 248.37 KB
2. Save the changes.
Enabling Test Mode:
1. Admin > Settings > Stripe > Testmode.
image.png 258.15 KB
2. Enter the test API-Key and the test Secret-Key for the demo account under the Testmode tab.
Testmode: Activating test mode enables users to try with test credit cards.
3. Save the changes.