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Enrollment / Account creation

How to setup an Apple Developer Account

Enrollment / Account creation

Once you have created an Apple-ID you can get continue and sign-up for the Apple Developer Account.

To create an Apple Developer Account you need first to choose whether you want to be listed as an individual person or as a company. Depending on your legal status, you can choose between:

Enrolling as an Individual
This one suits a personal project just fine. Your personal name will appear in the "Developer" field on the App Store.

Enrolling as an Organization
If you are a company, it is advised to use this account. The name of your company will appear in the App Store instead of your personal name.

1. Open the following link

2. Click on the bottom button "Start Your Enrollment"

image.png 630.88 KB

3. Login with your Apple-ID

4. Accept the Apple Developer Agreement by checking the box and clicking on "Submit"

image.png 1.14 MB

5. Click on "Continue enrollment on the web"

image.png 3.06 MB

6. Fill out the form and click on the bottom right corner on "Continue"

image.png 324.72 KB

7. Select your entity type. Select "Individual / Sole Proprietor" if you are not a legally registered company. Select "Company / Organization" if you are a registered organization.

image.png 456.31 KB

Depending on what you have selected, you need to follow the next guide:
Last updated at 02.08.2022 23:34