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Creating Forms

Creating forms

Follow the steps to create your forms.
1. Admin > Form-Generator > Manage Forms, and click on the '+ New Form' button.  
image.png 232.16 KB
2. Fill in the title for your form.  Save your form.
image.png 139.88 KB
Your new form has been created and shown in the designer layout. Click on the 'Put Online' to publish the changes.
image.png 110.04 KB

Adding languages

Adding and managing multiple languages is easy with the app creator; follow the below steps.
1. Click on the edit icon.
image.png 103.22 KB
2. In the following screen, the user can edit the 'Title' or 'Allow Sharing' which enables a user to share a form with someone who will fill the form on behalf or assist the user. 
image.png 143.09 KB

Adding fields on the forms

1. In the form layout, click on any field.
image.png 103.49 KB
A 'one-line textfield' is added for this exercise.
2. Add the one-line textfield.
image.png 135.88 KB
  • General: This is the name of the field in your form. Do the translations. Required indicates if you want to make the entry mandatory on this field
  • Description: A description for this field
  • Dependencies:  Here, you check the value of another field to show this textfield. For instance, if the weekly orders field exceeds 3, we will display 'Preferred Pay Method", like the sample setup screen below 
image.png 141.68 KB
  • One-line textfield: This tab changes its name depending on the field type you have selected. Regardless of the field type, it has two important controls:  Predefined Value & Placeholder where you set a default value for the field and a placeholder text
3. Save the changes and click on the 'Put Online' to publish the changes. 

Adding steps to the forms

Steps in the forms are like tabs. You group logically related info into sets and put them into a single step to simplify user entry. Follow the steps.
1. Click on the faded + icon by the pencil icon.
image.png 103.14 KB
2. Give a name for your next step and allow form sharing for this step of the form.
image.png 145.57 KB
3. Create the step, and your form layout now looks like below. And, the new step is now ready to be painted with fields.  Click on the 'Put Online' to publish the changes. 
image.png 105.97 KB
Use the same way populate fields on the new step as discussed in the section Adding Fields to the Form.
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