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Creating a Google Developer Account

Step by step guide how to create a Google Developer Account

1. Open the following link

2. Login with your previously created Google Account if necessary. You will be asked to turn on the 2-step verification. Click on "Turn on 2-step verification".

image.png 236.42 KB

3. Click on "Get started" and enter your password if required.

image.png 573.54 KB

4. Verify that your phone number is correct and select "Text message". Continue by pressing on "Next".

image.png 420.49 KB

5. Enter the code that you have received on your phone number

image.png 367.13 KB

6. Press now on "Turn on" to finally enable the Two-Factor Authentication.

image.png 327.62 KB

7. You will now land on the following page. You must see that "2-Step Verification is ON" and your phone number is verified. You can close this window and go back to the following link:

image.png 503.2 KB

8. Select if you want to continue for personal use or as an organization

image.png 537.5 KB

9. Enter the details in the next form. Note: The "Developer name" will be visible in the Google Play Store. Once you are finished click on the button on very bottom "Create account and pay".
image.png 339.72 KB

10. Finish the payment by adding a credit card. Once you have paid, click on the button "Go to Play Console".

image.png 228.95 KB
Congratulations, you have successfully created your developer account. Proceed now to the ID Verification Step.
Last updated at 02.08.2022 23:26