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Setting Up RSS Feeds

Setting up RSS feeds

1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app.
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2.  Expand the group, Media under Content. Click on the 'RSS Feed.'  When the RSS Feed plugin settings come up, provide the below details as explained below.
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  • RSS Feed link: The RSS feed link of the site or your own website's RSS URL. Example: It is an RSS feed link from, or
  • Item limits: Set the number of feed to display from your feeder
  • Sort descending: Sorting of items
  • Show More: It adds a button, 'Show More' after the last feed, so the users can see more feeds.
  • Open links: If links should open when users click on them
  • Show text: Show the text of the feed
  • Show date: Show the date of the feed release
  • Show author: Show the author of the article on the app
RSS Feeds from WordPress websites: To find out the RSS feed URL of a WordPress website, add “/feed” to the end of the homepage URL. If the RSS feed is enabled on the site, you will see a raw XML feed output. It is the RSS feed of that website.

If the WordPress website uses a premium RSS feeder plugin with featured image support, images are also shown on your app content. For example, RSS Featured Image, Add Featured Image to RSS Feed, or several other similar WordPress plugins allow displaying images. 

For more information about setting up your WordPress website's RSS feed, read the relevant plugin user document on the WordPress website. Or, read the next section, 'RSS from WordPress Sites' to learn.
3. When you have set up your preferred values, you can hit on 'Create' or 'Save changes' if you're editing  to complete the setup.
Note note currently, the 'More Options' also allow you to set the same controls with two different tabs and to delete the RSS Feed from the app content.

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RSS Feed