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Creating a sidebar

Creating sidebars

You can create your own sidebar, customize it, and replace with the default or standard sidebar. This section guides you through creating your new sidebar that you want to make it available for your users.
1. Admin > Customize > Sidebar. Click on the '+ New' button.
image.png 139.21 KB
2. Click on the 'Create new.'
image.png 283.47 KB
3. In the 'General' tab, enter a name for your new sidebar followed by the other details as described below.
image.png 321.44 KB
  • Size: Choose the preferred size of the sidebar
  • Overlay: When enabled, you can select a color, and whenever a user opens the sidebar, it has a background color. Usually, you add a gradient to the color so that your user's current content is faded behind and dully visible while the focus is on the sidebar, which makes your sidebar content more visible
4. Set Colors & Icons. These are the color settings of the sidebar's background, close icon, and selection of an icon for the close. 
image.png 328.89 KB
image.png 384.17 KB
5. Set the preferred animation from the lists of available options, when opening, closing, on the content, animation duration settings.
image.png 330.37 KB
6. Create your new sidebar. 
image.png 152.93 KB
Last updated at 06.07.2022 22:40