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Web-App / Domain

Set your own domain for your web-app. For example: In addition you get a free SSL so that your web app is completely encrypted (https).

The Plugin

With this plugin enabled, you can use a custom domain,, rather than the default domain that Zappter App Engine provides for your app.  Map your domain or a sub-domain to your current web app, then update your DNS records.
No doubt that your domain name tells more about your brand, and it gives them confidence that you're here to stay, do business with them in the long run. Benefits? More engagements from targeted client base resulting in increased conversions.


  • Simple steps to change your app from default Zappter provided URL to your own domain or subdomain
  • Setup up your basic SEO elements within the plugin
  • Get a free SSL and no additional investments on SSL certificates 

Install the Plugin

This plugin is pre-installed when you register to enable you to prepare new domain change settings. However, when you're ready to execute the domain change, navigate to the marketplace to subscribe to the plugin.
In the marketplace, search for 'custom domain' or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can subscribe to the plugin and confirm the payment. From there onwards, you have your Custom Domain plugin up and running