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Basic configuration

How to setup the delivery-system.

When the plugin is active, you need to set the defaults that determine your business operating hours and delivery/pickup options and timing.

1. Go to "Admin > Settings > Delivery System"

image.png 448.24 KB

2. Enable to activate user order only during the the set opening hours that you're going to below

3. Add opening timing, you can have multiple timing as options

4. Move on to the "Settings" tab to define your business opening hours and other time options when users order

image.png 483.89 KB

  • Preferred Interval: It is the clock settings for users who order. If you set 15 minutes for instance, you users will see ordering clock showing every 15 minutes interval like 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 etc.
  • Preparation time in minutes: It is the time when you're business is ready to take the first order for the day from the opening hour. If your opening hour is set to 10 AM, and if this number is set to 30, users can start to make orders from 10:30
  • Allow not same day: If you only take advanced orders, not on the same day
  • Allow "Now": Allow order now option

5. Under Order Types, you can set up your main order types.

For example you want to offer the possibility to select "Pick-Up" or "Delivery".

Click on the "Add" button to add a new order-type and fill in the required information. For the Pick-up order type you may enable the setting "Requires time selection", so the user can select a time when he will pick up.
image.png 561.98 KB

Now let's add another one called "Delivery":

image.png 487.39 KB
Delivery System
Last updated at 02.11.2022 23:09