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Integrating TWINT

Integrating TWINT Payrexx

Integration involves two sets of tasks: 

  • You should have the Payrexx integrated into Zappter. Learn more on Integrating Payrexx
  • Add/configure TWINT as an option in your Payrexx dashboard's Payment providers list and get the PSP number (Payment Service Provider).
  • Add the PSP obtained from Payrexx into Zappter to complete your TWINT integration. 
Configure TWINT in your Payrexx dashboard:
It is assuming that you already have a Payrexx account and signed up for a TWINT. In case, you're yet to sign up, check out this link: to learn. The link guides you to the detail to have your TWINT account set up for Payrexx.
1. Head over to your Payrexx dashboard. Configure your payment providers under the 'Payment providers' dashboard option. Here you can configure TWINT by clicking on 'Configure.'
image.png 401.29 KB
2. Enter your Store UUID.
image.png 310.65 KB
3. Now you have the details to integrate TWINT in Zappter. Move on to Zappter admin.
Integration settings in Zappter:
1. Admin > Settings > Twint by Payrexx.
image.png 162.45 KB
  • Allow Insecure Payments: In some cases, Twint does not provide feedback about the payment until much later. This results in your app users not being able to proceed and not being able to submit the order. To enable this anyway, you can activate this setting, the user confirms that he has paid although we have not yet received a response from Twint.
  • Twint PSP Number: The default PSP Number for Twint is 17 (Payment Service Provider number). You may need to change it depending on if there is any change on Payrexx. Check here to make sure:
2. Save changes to complete the integration.
Twint by Payrexx