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Twint by Payrexx

Now you can integrate with Payrexx TWINT in seconds. Set it up, use it to offer your users with a convenient payment process for online shops, app shops to move with a smartphone or table.

The Plugin 

This plugin enables you to integrate with the TWINT payment method. When you have integrated with TWINT, your customers can make the payments using TWINT app by scanning a QR Code.

Set it up, and offer your customers with a convenient, friendly and a modern payment experience.


  • Straight-forward integration
  • Provide options to save credit card details

Install the Plugin 

To install the plugin, navigate to the marketplace. Search for ‘Twint by Payrexx’ or enter a few letters in the search; all matching plugins display, and you can select to install the plugin. That’s it! You now have the  Twint by Payrexx plugin up and running.