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Create subscriptions in the Apple App Store

A quick tutorial how to create a subscription in the Apple App Store Connect.

Create subscription in App Store Connect

Creating a subscription in the App Store Connect is an easy process. By following these simple steps, you can create a subscription for your app:

1. Log in to your App Store Connect account by visiting the official website at

2. Click on "My Apps" and choose the app for which you want to create a subscription

3. Go to the "Features" section on the left side of the menu and select "Subscriptions". Click on "Create" in the section "Subscription Groups".

image.png 1.03 MB

4. Enter a "Reference Name" for your subscription group (e.g: my subscription or your app name)

image.png 940.45 KB

5. Once created, click on "Create" under "Subscriptions"

image.png 949.85 KB

6. Set the "Reference Name" and "Product ID" for your subscription

image.png 735.3 KB

7. Click on "Add Subscription Price" to set a price

image.png 389.43 KB

8. Select the country where you want to set the default price, and Apple will automatically calculate the price for all other currencies

image.png 444.55 KB

9. Optionally you can set different prices for each country in the next page

image.png 478.83 KB

10. Click on "Add Localization" under "App Store Localization"

image.png 407.41 KB

11. Provide the texts for the default language of your app. Click on "Add" when you are finished.

image.png 482.71 KB

12. Take a screenshot of the unlockable content from your app and upload it under "Review Information > Screenshot". You can take a screenshot using the "App Photo Generator" under "In-App Purchase > Management > Tools":

image.png 423.17 KB

13. Write a review note for the review team about the subscription, including what content it unlocks, why it's important, and any other relevant information.

14. Click on "Save"

image.png 322.71 KB

If you need more information about Apple subscriptions, check out the official documentation at

Add subscription into Zappter

Once you have created the subscription on the App Store Connect page, let's go ahead and add in Zappter.

1. Go to "In-App Purchase > Management > Subscriptions" and click on "Add Apple Subscription"

image.png 478.7 KB

2. Click on the subscription that appears to add it into Zappter

image.png 4.56 MB

That's it! Now that you have added the subscription, you need to create an in-app entitlement. 
Last updated at 07.05.2023 10:44