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Adding Sidebar Elements

Adding sidebar elements

This guide assumes that you already have set up your custom sidebar so that you can add Sidebar Elements on to it. How to set up your custom sidebar is explained here. This section discusses how to add additional options (buttons) on your sidebar. You can create multiple options to serve different purposes.
1. Admin > Customize > Sidebar. Click on the mobile-like image to edit your sidebar.
If you don't have any custom sidebar set up yet, your next screen will look like below:

image.png 50.5 KB

This guide explains how to set up your custom sidebar:
image.png 55.33 KB
2. The content editor opens. Expand the group, 'Sidebar Actions' under Content. Then click on the 'Element Link.'
image.png 50.76 KB
3. Element Link setup screen opens. Change the button caption that users see on the sidebar options and click to link an element (your selling item).
image.png 106.55 KB
  • Button Title: It is the caption your users see on the sidebar. Default is 'Element Link,' which you should change to suit your option
  • Action: Keep it always 'Element Link' when linking an element into the sidebar
  • Elements: Pick your preferred selling item from the list to link
4. Move on to the 'Icon' tab, and customize the icon by replacing with your preferred one that will show up on the sidebar.
image.png 98.85 KB
5. Move on to the 'Colors' tab and customize the color of icon and the button.
image.png 99.97 KB
  • Color icon: Color of the icon on the sidebar
  • Button color:  It is the color of the button on the sidebar
  • Font color: Text color of the button caption on the sidebar
  • Border color: If you want to give a different color for your button
6. Click on the 'Create' to save your sidebar element link. 
Sidebar Elements