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Renewing Push-Certificate

Learn how to renew your push-certificate

To renew your push-certificate a few simple steps are required:

1. Login to Zappter and go under "iOS & Android App > Submit App". Click on "Renew Push-Certificate".

image.png 1.07 MB

2. Download the CSR or re-create it, if it has been expired

image.png 953.85 KB

3. Open the Apple Developer Portal and click on "Certificates, IDs & Profiles"

4. Click on "Certificates", then click on the plus icon

image.png 270.69 KB

5. Select "Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production). Click on top on "Continue".

image.png 496.33 KB

6. Select your App ID which should match your current bundle-id

Login to view your Bundle-ID

image.png 316.59 KB

7. Upload your CSR-File which you have downloaded previously from the Zappter Platform and click on "Continue"

image.png 342.99 KB

8. Click on "Download" to download your new push certificate

image.png 283.21 KB

9. On Zappter go under "iOS & Android App > Submit App". Click on "Renew Push-Certificate".Click the upload button to upload your new push-certificate.

image.png 952.67 KB

Congratulations, you have successfully renewed your push-certificate.

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Last updated at 03.08.2022 22:47