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Creating Events

Creating events

Event & event categories

In Zappter, you have individual events and event categories. You can group several individual events inside an event category. 

For example, you're selling 'event tickets' for a motor show in your city: 

  1. You can create individual events for 'Regular price' and 'Special price' with different pricing. 
  2. Then you can create event categories like 'Single' and 'Couple.'  
  3. On your app content, you add the event categories so that when users tap on 'Single' they get to see 'Regular price' & 'Special price' in it.

So, event categories are important to managing your tickets; instead of displaying all your individual events on the content, you display the category for users to click and see individual events inside it. Create all related events, sub-events, and events at different prices under their category. 
1. Admin > Events > Events. Click on the '+ Event' button.
image.png 180.84 KB
2. Enter event details in the event setup screen. The 'General' tab opens by default.
image.png 389.12 KB
  • Title: Enter the event name
  • Short description:  Event description
  • Date and time: Date/time of the event
  • Status: New by default, you can change to 'Finished' to stop sales. You use it when editing a running event
3. In the 'Category' tab, link the category of the event.  Click on the 'Choose existing,' and link the category.
image.png 334.68 KB
image.png 342.59 KB
4. In the 'Pricing' tab, set the ticket price.
image.png 320.28 KB
5. In the 'Recurring event' tab, select if it's a recurring event. 
6. In the 'Stock' tab, you can set the number of tickets to be sold through your app.  And enable showing the currently sold out tickets to the users.
image.png 343.2 KB
  • Is limited: Enable this to limit the number of tickets to be sold
  • Maximum tickets amount: This is the quantity available to sell
  • Events show amount: Enable to show currently sold tickets out of available tickets
Keep 'Is limited' field empty to sell unlimited tickets.
7. In the 'Persons' tab, set how many people can attend the event (guest + accompanying persons).
image.png 326.62 KB
  • Multiple persons per ticket: Enable if you allow more heads per ticket
  • Maximum persons per ticket: If you enable multiple persons attending per ticket, enter here the quantity
8. Create the event.
image.png 199.78 KB
Event-System / Drop-In