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User targeted content

User-targeted content

What is this feature? 
With this feature, you can create categories and make them available to only a specific group of users. It allows you to create a page with selling items for those users. For instance, certain items are prohibited legally to sell in general. But what if those items are allowed to be sold in certain cities or states? You can use this feature to create a subpage and enable it only for users from those cities or states without completely stop selling those items. 
  1.  You should have Zappter CRM - My Customers free plugin installed. Here is the link: Zappter app builder CRM
  2. Have customer segmentation/tags created or create them under: Admin > My Customers > Tags / Segments. Here is the link to CRM user guide.
  3. Enable 'Forced Logins' under: Admin > Settings > Login & Register > Login (tab) > Force to login.
  4. When above are in place, follow below steps.
1. Admin > Customize > Content. Click to edit your app. 
 2. When in the content editor, click on the category to get the context menu. Then select the 'Edit' option on the context menu. 
3. In the category edit screen, go to the 'More Options.' 
4. Move on to the 'Tags / Segments' tab. Then enable, 
5. Save the changes. 
CRM - Tags Extension