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Allow users to purchase credit

How to build elements into your app that allow users to buy credit.

1. Go to the Admin > Customize > Content and click on "Click to edit your app"

image.png 473.66 KB

2. Open "E-Commerce" and add a new article. Click on "More Options" to view all options.

image.png 685.18 KB

3. Enter a title, for example: Buy 10 Lessons

image.png 575.47 KB

4. Click on "Pricing" and enter a price. In our case we are entering the total price for 10 lessons.

image.png 616.81 KB

5. Click on "Consumables", then click on "New" under "User gets consumables". Select your consumable and enter an amount.

image.png 637.69 KB

6. Hit the "Create" button to create this element. That's it! When a user now buys this element, the user will get the 10 lessons as a credit. Go to the next page to learn how to the user can use the credit.

Buy & Consume
Last updated at 06.03.2023 15:09