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Setting up intro slides

Creating slides

Follow the steps to create new slides.
If you're using 'multiple' views or skip this info card.

What is a View?
Usually, your app screen contains your content (text, music, video, buttons, maps, selling items, or any UI elements) - this screen is a 'view'. 

In Zappter you can have multiple views with different UI, for instance, one set of users to see a different user interface on View A, and another set of users to land on a View B for a different user interface, and so on without limitations.

When creating a slide, you can associate a view to it. For example, if users see View B when they log in, if you had assigned a slide to View B, it will show up, but it won't show up for View A.
1. Admin > Customize > Slides. In the below screen, select the View where you want to add the Slide, and click on the 'New' button. 
image.png 140.35 KB
2. Below prompt comes up.
image.png 279.13 KB
3. Click on the 'Create new' button.
  • The General tab: Give it a name, select an image
image.png 503.53 KB
  • The Colors tab: Set a background color 
image.png 342.95 KB
  • The Button tab: Give a text for button caption, and set its colors. (User has to press this button to move forward) 
image.png 306.28 KB
4. Create it. 

Setting slide behavior

Follow the steps to customize slide behavior.
1. Admin > Customize > Slides. In the View where you have the Slides, click on the 'Settings.'
image.png 258.48 KB
2. Tick on your preferred behavior and save.
image.png 394.68 KB

Customizing slides

Below steps show you how to customize your intro slides.
1. Admin > Customize > Slides. Click on the Slide that you want to customize.
image.png 256.51 KB
2. The Zappter content editor opens up, where you can customize the slide using text and media plugins.
image.png 907.48 KB
Last updated at 06.07.2022 22:39