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Setting Defaults

Setting defaults

The Reservation & Booking System plugin offers innovative, highly advanced online booking features through a friendly user interface. To set up simple online booking content or get the maximum benefit out of this plugin to manage your complex online booking requirements, you must start with defining your 'default' settings.
Some of the default settings discussed in this section are also available to set/change when creating each booking content. However, keeping global booking preferences makes it easy for your associates to create booking content quickly and without worrying about set business rules. 
1. Admin > Settings > Online-Bookings. 
image.png 223.87 KB
  • Opening time start: Set the time when you start to allow users to make bookings
  • Opening hours end: The end time of the above
2. In the 'Closed Weekdays' tab, set your working days and weekend. By default, all days are open. 
image.png 224.43 KB
3. In the 'Appearance' tab, you can customize the text of availability check screen for your users.  
image.png 272.72 KB
  • Show unavailable: Enable or disable showing already booked dates/slots. By default, any booked dates aren't visible to the user who tries to make a booking
  • Date Selection Text: Customize text for date selection
  • Text for no available dates: Text when dates unavailable
  • Text for number of people: Text for number of people 
4. In the 'Intelligence' tab, provide the 'shoulder' number of hours of the time the user is looking to book for.  For example, imagine your 'intelligence' multiplier is set to 2, and consider below scenario: 
  • A user is trying to make a booking from 3 PM to  4 PM
  • The user also sees the availability from 1 PM to 2 PM. This is because the user's initial one hour search is multiplied into 2 (your multiplier)
  • The user also sees the availability from 4 PM to 5 PM. Same as above point, but it adds multiplied hours before/after the initial search
image.png 232.91 KB
5. In the 'E-Mail' tab, set up if users who booked need to be sent reminders. Define the email subject, message,   and send the email before minutes/hours/days/months.
image.png 245.55 KB
6. In the 'Flex-Settings' tab is specific for 'Flexible Bookings.' 
image.png 251.73 KB
  • Only same day: Only on the same day
  • Time cannot be chosen: The users can't select the time
  • Suggest durations: In this section, you can add some suggested duration of the appointment so that the users can pick what is suitable for them
  • Allow only suggestions: Enforce only to select from the suggested timing 
7. In the 'Global Settings' tab, you define the defaults that are effective for both Predefined Bookings and Flexible Bookings. 
image.png 347.81 KB
  • Reservation Time: Number of minutes to keep unconfirmed (without payment) bookings on hold
  • Preferred booking interval: If you put a value here, 'interval mins' is exclusive to 'duration.' Ex. 30 mins duration, 15 mins interval makes the next available booking in 45 mins
  • Not same day: Allow only future bookings
  • Preparation time in minutes: Time to prepare to start taking the first appointment for the day
  • Disable resource selection: Users can't select resources - predefined
  • Deactivate number of people: Users can't add more people for the booking. Single only
  • Within opening hours: The booking has to start/end within the defined opening hours of the business. Spanning bookings are not allowed
  • Price out of Opening Hours: When this settings is on, there is a field for entering 'Price out of Opening Hours.' This is ideal for vehicle renting businesses where the charges are calculated based on days
8. In the 'Push' tab, click on the '+Add' option to schedule push notification based on resource fluctuating resource utilization.
image.png 224.54 KB
9. Save changes.
Reservation & Booking System