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Enhance, Resize, Crop Images

Working with images

Zappter provides its users with built-in features to enhance images while they are being uploaded. These features have been built into image gallery so you can use them anywhere in Zappter whenever you upload your images.

Enhance, add effects,  crop images

When you have just chosen your image while uploading your image using Zappter image gallery, you get an option to enhance, add filters and effects, and crop, resize, rotate your images before you upload them.
1. When you reach this screen while uploading your image using 'Gallery' click on the 'Edit' button to enhance your image.
image.png 319.6 KB
2. 'Settings' tab to enhance.
image.png 300.77 KB
3. 'Effects' tab to filters and effects to your image.
image.png 302.73 KB
4. Use the 'Crop' tab to crop, rotate, zoom to focus, flip the image.
image.png 287.9 KB
5. Save change to the image so the modified version gets uploaded to your app.

Resize images

Use this option to resize your images before uploading them.
1. When you reach this screen while uploading your image using 'Gallery' click on the 'Crop' button to enhance your image. 
image.png 321.25 KB
2. Crop or resizer comes up.
image.png 381.02 KB
  • Locked / Unlocked: When 'locked,' cropping is possible inward against the original image size (you can go cut down to smaller than the original size). When 'unlocked,' cropping is possible outward against the original size of the image (you can include an area out of your image so you get additional empty space)
  • Aspect Ratio 1/2: When resizing, you can only resize diagonally (horizontally and vertically equal by 1/2). When not selected, you can go for resizing as desired without maintaining horizontally and vertically equal size, 1/2
  • Save as new: Save the file as a new one into your personal gallery
3. Save when complete resizing the image.