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Granting API-Access to your Google Developer Account

Enable your API-Access and upload your credentials to Zappter

1. Open your Google Play Console

2. Click on "Account details" and copy the "Developer account ID"

image.png 650.66 KB

3. On Zappter go to "iOS & Android App > Submit App > Google Developer Account ID". Enter the copied account id.

image.png 606.66 KB

4. Open the Google Cloud Console and enable the Google Play Android API

image.png 346.21 KB

5. Open the Service Accounts Page in the Google Cloud Console by clicking on the following link

6. Select your country and mark the checkbox to agree to the terms of service. Continue by clicking on "Agree and continue".

image.png 857.39 KB

7. Select your project

image.png 595.93 KB

8. On top click on "Create service account"

image.png 667.43 KB

9. Provide a service account name. We recommend you to use your unique SKU of your app. When entered, click on "Create and continue".

Login to view your Bundle-ID

image.png 679.67 KB

10. Click on the dropdown "Select a role", then enter "service account user" in the search field. Scroll a little bit down until you find "Service Account User". Once selected, click on the button "Continue".

image.png 786.47 KB

11. On the next step, leave the fields empty and click on "Done"

image.png 739.86 KB

12. The new created service account will now appear. Copy the Email address that you see and store it in a note. You will need it later again.

image.png 608.88 KB

13. Click on the right side on the three vertical dots, then click on "Manage keys".

image.png 718.9 KB

14. Click on "Add key > Create new key"

image.png 678.7 KB

15. Make sure "JSON" is selected. Confirm by clicking on "Create".

image.png 852.61 KB

16. A JSON-File should have been downloaded automatically to your computer. Make sure to keep this file to upload it later on Zappter.

17. Let's go back to the Google Play Console Click on "Users and permissions" and click on "Invite new users":

image.png 715.96 KB

18. Enter the copied email address from before, then click on "Account permissions", then enable the checkbox "Admin (all permissions). Finish this step by clicking on the bottom right on "Invite user".

image.png 849.18 KB

19. On Zappter and click on "iOS & Android App > Submit App > Google Play Account". Click on "Upload" to upload the previously downloaded JSON-File.

image.png 4.51 MB

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your Google Developer Account.
Last updated at 01.11.2023 13:06