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What to do when the printer is not reachable.

On this tutorial we show you how to analyze and solve printing issues.

Solving the problem

1. Check the printer
Is there paper? Is there a paper jam? Is the flap closed properly?

2. Check the cables
Are all cables firmly connected behind the printer?

3. Check your network connection
Are you connected to the correct network? Are you connected to the Internet?

Yes, steps 1-3 are checked

4. Restart the printer
Turn off the printer, wait 10 seconds and turn on the printer again.

5. Restart your tablet/device
Turn off your tablet/device, wait 10 seconds and turn on the device again.

Printing still does not work

6. Check printer setup
Did you configure the printer correctly (ethernet efficiency disabled, ePOS enabled)?

7. Check accessibility / IP address
Is the printer reachable via "Ping"?

8. Are other printers working?
If yes, maybe a reset of the printer helps.

9. Check the SSL Quirks documentation 
Epson Print Plugin
Last updated at 03.03.2023 00:12