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Creating App Store Connect Key

Learn how to generate the app store connect key.

To enable the In-App Purchases plugin, you will need an App Store Connect key with "App Manager" access. The process to obtain the key involves the following steps:

1. Go to and select "Keys" from the top menu bar

AEE2A178-CD5B-4837-984D-7708721BF551_1_201_a.jpeg 251.44 KB

2. Click on the "Generate API Key" to create a new key

AEE2A178-CD5B-4837-984D-7708721BF551_1_201_a.jpeg 252.53 KB

3. Provide a name for the key and select "App Manager" in the "Access" field

image.png 221.69 KB

4. Click "Generate" to create a new key in your App Store Connect account and then click download the API key by clicking "Download API Key"

DDD40F02-6F12-44BC-A358-B53AFBB9382A_1_201_a.jpeg 294.03 KB

4. Go to > Admin > iOS & Android App > Submit App

5. Scroll down to the section "Developer Accounts" and click on "App Store Connect Key"

image.png 524.71 KB

6. Click on "Edit App Store Connect Key", then click on "Upload"

image.png 352.52 KB

7. In the first upload field "Upload p8-File", upload the API-Key File, that you have previously downloaded in Step 4

image.png 3.9 MB

8. In the field "Key ID", insert the Key ID that you can obtain from your App Store Connect page:

DDD40F02-6F12-44BC-A358-B53AFBB9382A_1_201_a.jpeg 293.34 KB

9. In the field "Issuer ID", insert the Issuer ID that you can obtain from your App Store Connect page:

DDD40F02-6F12-44BC-A358-B53AFBB9382A_1_201_a.jpeg 299.23 KB

10. To get the "Shared Secret", click on the App Store Connect page on "Shared Secret"

F53CC03D-5379-4CF0-8EE6-3408F37F2C07_1_201_a.jpeg 294.15 KB

11. Click on "Generate Primary Shared Secret"

image.png 292.33 KB

12. Then copy the "Shared Secret" and insert it in the form

AEF8AA72-614D-4344-BA49-9C9D53581768_1_201_a.jpeg 259.9 KB

13. To complete the last field "Apple App ID", open the App Store Connect page, navigate to "My Apps > Your App > App Information"

image.png 371.77 KB

14. Once all field are set, click on "Upload" to complete this step

image.png 3.9 MB
Last updated at 27.04.2023 09:51