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Setting Up SMS Authentication

Setting up SMS authentication

Setting up Phone Number login involves these sets of tasks:

  • Getting Twilio details
  • Setting up Twilio in Zappter
  • Setting up the login part in Zappter
Getting Twilio Account SID & Auth Token:
Login to your Twilio Console Dashboard and note down the Account SID and AUTH TOKEN that will be used in Zappter in the following steps.
Setting up Twilio in Zappter:
1. Admin > Settings > Twilio. In the 'General' tab, enter the Twilio account details.
image.png 150.08 KB
2. Complete other tabs (not mandatory).

  • Canceled: Enable/disable notifications when canceling an order from a workstation
  • Pending: Enable/disable notifications when setting an order to pending, on a workstation
  • Updated: Enable/disable sending notifications when updating an order on a workstation
  • Completed: Enable/disable notifications when setting an order to complete, on a workstation
3. Save changes.
Phone authentication setup in Zappter:
1. Admin > Settings > Phone Authentication. 
image.png 203.58 KB
2. Select your options and preferred SMS template based on the below details:

  • Enable phone authentication: Enables phone number authentication
  • Allow default login: Enables/disables other regular user/password & social login also to work along with phone number authentication
  • Enable code verification: Enabling this user must verify his phone number by entering the received code
  • SMS Template (when 'Enable code verification,' is on): This can be anything as you wish. Importantly, include %code% which holds your code that is to be sent to the users
  • SMS Template Example: Demo App by Zappter. Confirm code: %code%. The user will receive, Demo App by Zappter. Confirm code: 980811 
  • Default Country Code: 
3. Save changes.