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Setting Defaults

E-Commerce defaults

Zappter provides a few global settings that will be applicable by default on every article you add to your app. You can set those standard eCommerce or online selling behaviors under this option.
1. Admin > Settings > E-commerce. The 'General' tab comes up by default.
image.png 226.14 KB
  • Enable Terms & Conditions in basket: When you enable it, the default T&C text appears when completing the order, unless you change the description below
  • Text: Enter your custom text to change the default
2. Move on to the 'Behavior' tab to enable showing the detailed text of the article with the image when completing the order.
image.png 183.58 KB
3. Move on to the 'Success Message' tab, where you can set a default message that appears when an order has been sent and along with an icon.
image.png 232.7 KB
4. If you have enabled customer comments on article, then you can customize the title for comments (section title).
image.png 205.49 KB
5. Next move to the 'Countries' tab if you want to restrict your online sales to a specific country. So the users from the selected country will only be able to buy and the rest will be notified with 'country unsupported' message as discussed below.
image.png 200.48 KB
  • Enable Country Restrictions: Enable the tick to pick a country. So users from these selected countries only will be able to buy from
  • Invalid country message: The message when a user from an unsupported country tries to buy
  • Allowed countries: Tick the country that you support
How your app tracks the country of the user? Zappter provides various 'checkout rules' with different conditions. Or, you can mix and match these rules to customize to meet your needs. You have to add a checkout rule to validate country to know your user location. Read the Rules tutorial for more information:

Learn to add 'checkout rules.'
6. Save the changes to complete.
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