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Creating Places

Creating places

Follow the steps to create places. For example, to keep up with growing trend, you have extended your service area to curb side or sidewalks. If you want to simplify your customer ordering, you can create a 'place' to represent the curb side and generate QR codes and place them on the tables. When customers scan the QR codes, they get the menu as well as list of ordering tasks on their mobile phones to proceed. 

Below steps explain how to create a place.
1. Admin > Places > Places. Click on the '+ New <<Place>>' button.
2. Enter a name for the place.  If you have already created your unique content for this place, you can tick to select it from the available tasks (views) showing below. If you're going to create from the scratch, move on to the next steps.
3. Click on the 'New' button to create and assign a task to the place.
The task is the view with your unique content that opens when scanning the QR code.
  • Name: Give a name to the task
  • Load view: Existing views/tasks show up. Ignore them since you're creating a new task
4. Click on the 'Create' to create the task.
5. Back to the 'New <<Place>>' screen. Tick on the task you created, and click on the 'Create' to create the new place.
  • The new place has been created with a task assigned. Now move on to creating QR Codes for this place in the next section