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Installing plugins

How to find and install plugins

About plugins

Zappter is fully modular, meaning the features and functionalities are developed as plugins independently of any specific projects so these plugins can be used by any app projects that need them. Technically, it is less load on the system, your admin is less cluttered, you don't pay for features that you don't use.  

Types of plugins

Zappter has these types of plugins. When you are on the marketplace, you can see a particular plugin's status in its button caption as below:

  1. It's yours: These are built-in plugins that come as part of Zappter core functionality. Every account has these plugins that you can't remove.
  2. Free: These are free plugins. You can install them if your business demands their functionalities in your app. If they are already installed in our app, you can see the status as 'Installed.'
  3. Subscribe: These are Zappter's premium plugins. If they are already installed in our app, you can see the status as 'Installed.' 
  4. Try for Free:  These are Zappter's premium plugins but are available for you to try them free for 14 days. If they are already installed in our app, you can see the status as 'Installed.' 
1. 'It's yours' or Zappter's core plugins. These plugins are mandatory and the foundation of the app builder, so they are available to any user by default.  Below are samples of core plugins.
image.png 826.71 KB
2. 'Free' plugins. Add them as and when you need their features in your app. If you have already installed, the status changes to 'Installed.'
image.png 1.18 MB
3. 'Subscribe' status is for premium plugins. Add them for a monthly subscription fee as stated in the plugin page in marketplace. If you have already installed, the status changes to 'Installed.' 
image.png 1.19 MB
4. 'Try for Free' status is for premium plugins. You can try them for 14 days and decide to continue using them by subscribing them for a monthly subscription fee as stated on the marketplace. If you have already installed, the status changes to 'Installed.' 
image.png 1.19 MB

Searching for plugins

Visit Zappter marketplace to check the available plugins.  You can search by names, features, functions, or categories. To go the the marketplace from your admin, you have a couple of options:
1. In the Admin, upper right-corner menu options. Click on the marketplace icon. Or, you can also use the nest step to go to the marketplace.
image.png 320.82 KB
2. You can use the previous step to go to the marketplace. Or, while you're in the content editor, click on the 'Marketplace' option under 'Add.'
image.png 195.64 KB
3. When in Zappter marketplace, search for any plugin by its name, keywords, or functionality. You can also go by categorized list by plugin types such as e-commerce, marketing, etc.
image.png 223.43 KB

Installing plugins

Follow these steps to install a plugin.
1. When you have found the plugin (check Finding Plugins section), you can install the plugin. Below are samples of premium and free plugins:
2. When you click on 'Subscribe' or 'Free' button, it takes you to the plugin's detail page where the plugin's functionalities and features are explained.
image.png 224.2 KB
3. Once convinced, it is the right plugin, click on the 'Subscribe' button. The below payment confirmation comes up.
Some plugins might show an additional page for your consent before the payment page of the plugin such as in iOS & Android plugin.
image.png 324.54 KB
image.png 495.25 KB
4. Once the payment is completed, a confirmation appears. You can choose to go to the documentation to learn how to use the plugin or stay on the marketplace.
image.png 530.18 KB
5. Back in your admin, you need to 'reload' the page to ensure the plugin loads its features fully.
image.png 482.3 KB

Uninstalling plugins

When a plugin's functionality is no longer needed, you can uninstall it, so you won't be charged for subscribing to it in the future.
When trying to uninstall a plugin, make sure you always go to Zappter Marketplace from within the admin of whichever account you want to uninstall a plugin, and not go directly to the Zappter Marketplace URL. 
1. In the admin, upper right-corner menu options, click 'Marketplace.'
image.png 320.82 KB
2. Find the plugin that you want to uninstall (check out the Finding Plugins section in 'Installing Plugins' topic).
image.png 219.06 KB
  • Installed: You can see the plugin has 'Installed' status
3. 'iOS & Android App' is a premium plugin that can be uninstalled if you no longer need its functionalities in your app. Click on the 'Installed' button. The plugin's detail page comes up. Click again on the 'Installed' button.
image.png 486.46 KB
4. Confirmation comes up (including an option to get to the tutorial of the plugin).
image.png 514.9 KB
5. Unsubscribe it.
image.png 535.85 KB
And, confirm:
image.png 509 KB
The plugin has been uninstalled/unsubscribed, and the 'Installed' button changes to 'Subscribe':
image.png 493.51 KB
6. You may get back to admin by scrolling up and selecting the 'Edit App' link.
image.png 496.07 KB
Last updated at 06.07.2022 00:10