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Setting Up Defaults

Setting defaults

When your requirement is straightforward with the same shipping charge, you can create a default shipping price that will be applied always. And, if you want to give your users to pick their shipping charge, say, for example via PriorityMail, DHL, FedEx etc., you need to create 'selectable shipping charges.'
1. To set up the default shipping charge, Admin > Settings > Shipment. Under the 'General' tab, set the price.
You can also get to this option through Admin > Shipment > Configure
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  • Default shipment price: Enter the default shipment price. It will be applied when no selectable shipment prices or shipment rule is set to override.
2. If you requirement is simple as having a single shipment price, save to complete. Or, you need to work with giving multiple shipment price options that users will choose, move on to the next step.
3. Click on the '+ Add' button under 'Selectable shipment costs' option. 
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  • Title: It  is the title that appears for this option on device checkout screen
  • Amount: The shipping amount the user is be charged if the user selects this option
  • Size: It's the width of the button of this option on device screen.
  • Shipping Id: Set a custom id to re-use this shipment type with other plugins. For example, if you sell rare or expensive items that need to be imported on requests and the customer would pay through bills (no online payments but only ordering is done through your app). In this scenario, you can create a special payment rule that doesn't need online payment to check out the order if the customer selects this shipment option. This ID is the link between the shipment option and the above said special payment rule. Learn more about Custom Payment Rules.
Default shipping price is overridden when you have a selectable shipping charge
4. Add any additional selectable shipping prices in the same way, and save changes to complete.
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