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Shipment costs

Customize shipment costs with this plugin easily and create custom rules.

4.90 USD / Monthly
1570 Sales

Shipment costs made easy

Configure your shipping costs just with a few clicks. Set customized rules to reduce or increase the shipping costs based on your dependencies.
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Customizable costs

Whether you want to set shipment costs based on weight or total amount. We got you covered.
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Use rules, or keep it simple

You don't need rules and you have a fixed shipping price? Then just configure it with one setting and your shipping-system is ready.

Let's get started

Get the shipment costs plugin now and start within seconds!
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Use this plugin to add, structure, and manage your surcharge and prices. Useful for shipping prices, service charges or similar.
4.90 USD / Monthly
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Allow your customers to add variations to products and services that you sell. Give customers options that they can add to the base products to customize their orders & bookings as they prefer.
4.90 USD / Monthly
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E-Commerce / Onlineshop
Create all your products & services with few clicks. Add the description, price, picture, and other details and boom, your customers can start placing the orders from your app. It makes it easier for them to buy and connect with your brand. Mobile apps convert 3x higher than a website. Don't miss out on the ability to maximize your revenue.
14.90 USD / Monthly
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