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Managing CRM Profiles

Zappter CRM overview

This section explains various CRM terms and screens to get you started with Zappter CRM. This plugin uses several other connected plugins to extend its functionalities. To learn more about learning those plugins, they have been mentioned with links to respective documentation on the Getting Started page of this plugin.
When the plugin is active, you get a side menu, 'CRM My Customers.' 


Tags are unique identifiers added to the users. By tagging, you can sort, filter, segment, and target users with campaigns designed around their specific interests and actions. There are no predefined tags as each business might have different identifier needs.
1. Click on the 'New Tag.' 
2. Enter the name of a tag, move to the Design tab, and select an icon for this tag.
  • Choose an icon 
3. Create. 

Registered users 

Displays all app users who have registered as an app user with a profile on their devices. 
Click on a 'Profile' button next to any of the customers.
  •  Profile: Use it to edit basic profile information or change the password
  • Edit screen:       
  • General tab: 
  • Address tab: 
  • Change Password: 
  • Tags: Here you can associate one or more of your tags with the profile. Click on the Add Tag
  • The tags added
  • Sales tab:  Displays sales statistics of the user, with the receipt for each sale the user has made
  • Click on the 'receipt' to get the users receipt
  • The receipt displays below 

New users

You can create a new user for statistical purposes. 
1. In the Registered Users screen, click on 'New User.'
2. Provide the required information and create to save.

Guest users

These are unregistered users. Other information remains similar to that of Registered Users above.
Zappter CRM - My Customers