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Creating a campaign

Find out how to setup a rating campaign.

Once you have installed the plugin, navigate in the Admin to "QR-Code Rate > Management > Campaigns". Then click on "New" to create a new campaign.

image.png 352.01 KB

1. Enter a name for the campaign and select a type.

image.png 527.67 KB

2. Click on "Labels" to customize the text and labels.

image.png 541.51 KB

3. Let's go ahead and configure the settings, click on settings and select an action for each value. If the user selects the 1st value (good), you may redirect him to a public rating platform, such as Google or Tripadvisor. If the user selects a bad rating, you may show a comment-field to acquire more information.

image.png 581.78 KB

4. When you are done, click on "Create" to create the campaign. Click on "QR-Code" to download the QR-Code. You can now place the QR-Code in your store and allow users to scan and drop a rating.
QR-Code Rating System
Last updated at 21.02.2023 00:19